Fujifilm XH2s PowerBox Pro

Fujifilm XH2s PowerBox Pro

The PowerBox Pro is a compact and efficient power management solution for everyone shooting with Fujifilm. Designed specifically for the Smallrig cage for Fuji XH2S/XH2, it features:

  • 4 D-Tap Connections
  • V-Mount Battery Plate
  • On/Off Switch
  • LED Voltage Meter Indicator
  • 2 Small Rig cheeseplates
  • Screws & allen key


Available for pre-ordering

Fujifilm XH2s PowerBox Pro

The PowerBox Pro is a sleek and efficient solution for making your camera and powering setup more compact. Designed with the professional in mind, this product is perfect for streamlining your camera rig and enhancing portability without sacrificing functionality.

Key Features

  • 4 D-Tap Connections: Easily connect multiple accessories and power them simultaneously with the four available D-Tap ports.
  • V-Mount Battery Plate: Securely attach your V-mount battery to ensure a stable and reliable power source for your camera and accessories.
  • On/Off Switch: Conveniently control the power supply to your rig with the built-in on/off switch.
  • LED Voltage Meter Indicator: Keep track of your power levels in real-time with the bright and clear LED voltage meter, ensuring you’re always aware of your battery status.


  • Designed for Smallrig Cage: The PowerBox Pro is specifically designed to fit the Smallrig cage for Fuji XH2S/XH2 models, providing a seamless integration. However, the PowerBox Pro comes without the Smallrig cage.
  • Fits Two Smallrig Cheeseplates: The PowerBox Pro is engineered to fit exactly two Smallrig Cheeseplates, ensuring a robust and customizable setup. Two Cheeseplates are included with your order.

Additional Notes

  • Cooling Fan Compatibility: Based on available drawings, the PowerBox Pro allows for the placement of a cooling fan between the components. However, this has not been tested yet due to unavailability of the fan.
  • Exclusions: Camera, lens, microphone, monitor, and cables are not included with the PowerBox Pro.


The PowerBox Pro is the ultimate accessory for filmmakers and photographers looking to optimize their camera setup, offering both compactness and advanced power management in one elegant solution.



Development and Testing of the PowerBox Pro

Over the past 8 weeks, our team has been diligently testing various prototypes of the PowerBox Pro to ensure it meets the high standards expected by professional filmmakers and photographers. This rigorous testing phase has involved multiple iterations, each improving upon the last to enhance both functionality and durability.

We are excited to share two 3D renders of the PowerBox Pro, showcasing its sleek design and innovative features. These renders provide a detailed look at the product’s compact form factor, the strategic placement of the four D-Tap connections, the secure V-Mount battery plate, and the intuitive LED voltage meter indicator.

A notable feature is the deepened power button, designed to minimize the chance of accidentally turning off the power supply during critical shooting moments. Additionally, the PowerBox Pro includes a recess on the side to accommodate the screen of the camera, ensuring a seamless and integrated setup.

By incorporating these features, the PowerBox Pro transforms the Fuji XH2S/XH2 camera into a cinema camera setup, providing filmmakers with a professional and streamlined rig that enhances both portability and functionality.

These visuals highlight the meticulous attention to detail and the advanced engineering that have gone into the development of the PowerBox Pro, promising a reliable and efficient power management solution for your camera rig.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyescool is a brand focused on innovative solutions for photographers and videographers. As a Fujifilm photo/videographer based in The Netherlands, I strive to keep my rig as compact as possible. Noticing that other companies primarily target larger, more popular cameras with their products, I teamed up with my brother, a technical engineer, to develop the PowerBox Pro. This product addresses the specific needs of Fujifilm users and ensures a more streamlined setup.

The PowerBox Pro is a compact and efficient solution for streamlining your camera and power setup. It features four D-Tap connections, a V-Mount battery plate, an on/off switch, and an LED voltage meter indicator. It’s designed for professional use, making your rig more portable without compromising functionality.

No, this model is specifically designed to fit the SmallRig cage for Fuji XH2S/XH2. There are no current plans to create versions for other cameras, but we are open to future developments.

Your order includes the PowerBox Pro unit and two SmallRig Cheeseplates. However, please note that the camera, lens, microphone, monitor, and cables are not included and must be purchased separately.

The price is $289.95, which includes the PowerBox Pro unit and two SmallRig Cheeseplates.

Yes, we offer free worldwide shipping with GLS and/or DHL. We ship from the Netherlands.

This is a pre-order product. We aim to ship orders in the second week of July 2024. Once shipped, deliveries are expected to arrive within a week.

We offer a 6-month warranty on the battery holder, D-Tap power outlet, LED voltmeter, and on/off switch. The frame and hardware are covered for 24 months under normal use. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs, while we cover the costs of shipping any replacements back to the customer.

At the moment, we do not have the capacity for bulk purchases. However, please get in touch if you are interested, and we can discuss potential options.